Qu’est ce que Bodhi ?

Definition – What does Bodhi mean?

Bodhi is a Sanskrit term meaning “enlightenment” or “awakening.” It is a Buddhist concept that refers to the understanding of truth, which is possessed by a bodhisattva. In Buddhism, it is the ultimate and last enlightenment, which results in nirvana and release from the reincarnation cycle.

Individuals who have a spiritual or Buddhist yoga practice may have the ultimate goal of reaching bodhi by incorporating yoga and meditation into their journey.

On explains Bodhi

In Buddhist philosophy, the path to liberation from the cycle of rebirth (moksha) is a path of coming out of delusional beliefs to find the Truth. This path is referred to as the awakening, which results in an understanding of life and consciousness — or bodhi. Some individuals who reach this spiritual understanding may enter into the state of bodhicitta, where they assist and serve others on the path to enlightenment.

In some schools of Buddhism, it is thought that bodhi is inherent in the mind and that individuals must remove distractions in order to obtain or behold it. Yogacara Buddhism, a school of Buddhism that centers on seeing the world through the practice of yoga, also holds this belief.