Qu’est ce que Experience ?

Definition – What does Experience mean? Experience is defined as the knowledge or understanding that is obtained through practical involvement in, or exposure to, an activity or event. This is [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Expansion ?

Definition – What does Expansion mean? Expansion is a concept in yoga that describes both physical and spiritual growth. During the physical practice of yoga, the lungs expand through the [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Evil ?

Definition – What does Evil mean? Evil is most generally defined as the absence or opposite of what is considered good. It is often linked to concepts of morality, where [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Ether ?

Definition – What does Ether mean? Ether is the first of the five elements of the universe as described by Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga. Ayurvedic teachings state that [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Entheogen ?

Definition – What does Entheogen mean? Entheogen is typically defined as a psychoactive drug or substance used in religious or spiritual practices. The term comes from the Greek en, meaning [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Enneagram ?

Definition – What does Enneagram mean? Enneagram is a personality assessment that identifies nine distinct personality types and how they view and interact with the world. The term comes from [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Enlightenment ?

Definition – What does Enlightenment mean? Enlightenment is a state of awakened understanding. It can be described as the transcendence of suffering and desire in order to obtain spiritual liberation [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Elbow Stand ?

Definition – What does Elbow Stand mean? Elbow stand is an advanced balancing pose and inversion that requires core strength and tremendous balance. From forearm balance pose (pincha mayurasana), each [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Ekam ?

Definition – What does Ekam mean? Ekam is a Sanskrit word meaning “one” and refers to the entity from which the universe was formed. Synonymous with God, it is also [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Ekagrata ?

Definition – What does Ekagrata mean? Ekagrata is a Sanskrit term meaning “one-pointed” or “single-minded.” It is a one-pointed focus and pursuit of one matter, undisturbed concentration and absolute attention. [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Ekadasi ?

Definition – What does Ekadasi mean? Ekadasi is spiritual day in Hinduism and Jainism that occurs twice in each lunar month and is marked by fasting or partial fasting. The [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Eka ?

Définition – Que signifie Eka? Eka est un mot sanskrit qui signifie «un». Le mot est utilisé dans les noms de nombreuses poses de yoga qui impliquent l'utilisation d'une jambe [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Égoïsme ?

Définition – Que signifie l'égoïsme? L'égoïsme est une démonstration de comportements motivés par l'intérêt personnel. Il peut également renvoyer à la théorie selon laquelle l'intérêt personnel est la base du [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Ego ?

Définition – Que signifie Ego? L'ego est défini comme l'image de soi de soi, ou l'esprit conscient, qui est basé sur sa perception. Il peut également être défini comme une [ … ]