Qu’est ce que Bhuvar Loka ?

Definition – What does Bhuvar Loka mean?

According to Hindu cosmology, the universe is divided into ‘worlds’ or realms known as Loka. Bhuvar Loka is the second main world, said to reside between the earthly, physical world (Bhu Loka) and the sun. It contains both the earth’s atmosphere and the space that exists directly above it, and is home to celestial beings known as Siddhas.

On explains Bhuvar Loka

The concept of Bhuvar Loka arose in Vedic literature, and it is described as an upper world, relative to lower worlds such as Naraka Loka (hell). Souls are believed to pass through these worlds, and Bhuvar Loka is the first place in which the energy body travels after the death of the physical body.

Otherwise known as ‘plane of the atmosphere,’ Bhuvar Loka extends only up to the planetary sphere, Swar Loka. It is the first of seven upper Loka, and is positioned above seven lower Loka.