Qu’est ce que Jalandhara Bandha ?

Definition – What does Jalandhara Bandha mean?

Jalandhara bandha is one of the energetic locks used in a Hatha yoga practice. The name comes from the Sanskrit, jal meaning “throat,” dharan, meaning “stream,” and bandha, meaning “lock.” It is performed by extending the neck while lifting the heart, then dropping the chin to the chest. The tongue presses into the roof of the mouth.

As well as toning the muscles of the neck, jalandhara bandha is thought to have a powerful effect on the flow of prana in the subtle body. It is believed to control the stream of energy through the nerves and energy channels of the neck.

An alternate translation of jalandhara bandha is “upwards pulling net,” which alludes to the way that it contains the prana within the torso.

On explains Jalandhara Bandha

Jalandhara bandha differs from mula bandha and uddiyana bandha in that it is rarely performed alone. It is commonly used as part of pranayama. It can also be combined with the other two bandhas to create a maha (great) bandha.

This powerful energy lock is said to compress and stimulate the sinuses. This helps regulate and balance both the circulatory and respiratory systems. The throat pressure gently balances the thyroid gland, helping to regulate metabolism.

Jalandhara bandha is a subtle process that works on the internal energy systems. It activates and energizes the visuddha (throat) chakra, which is believed to aid in communication, freedom and self-expression.


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