Qu’est ce que Half Lotus Side Shoulder Stand Pose ?

Definition – What does Half Lotus Side Shoulder Stand Pose mean?

Half lotus side shoulder stand pose is a unique inversion that combines the traditional shoulder stand with the half lotus leg variation.

Begin in the original supported shoulder stand position. Then raise one leg straight into the air, either extending forward parallel to the ground or perpendicular for a more intense inversion. The other leg bends at the knee and the foot is placed over the extended thigh, making a half lotus or triangle shape, supported by the straightened leg. It can be held here or increased in intensity by shifting the weight over to bent leg side and moving the straightened leg to the opposite side. When balanced, the hand under the straightened leg can be removed so that all the weight is placed on one hand underneath the hip on the bent leg side. Repeat the pose with the opposite leg.

In Sanskrit, half lotus side shoulder stand pose is known as ardha padma parsva sarvangasana.

On explains Half Lotus Side Shoulder Stand Pose

Half lotus side shoulder stand pose targets the abdominals, leg muscles, shoulders and arms as it requires strength and balance to get into the full expression. This pose also requires some concentration and is great for intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners. It is a core and shoulder strengthener as well as a slight back extender. The chest and lungs are expanded and the abdominal organs are stretched to aid in digestion and circulation.

Additional benefits of shoulder stand inversions include an increase in oxygenation of the blood, relief from any symptoms of depression or anxiety, improvement of immune systems and calmness in the parasympathetic nervous system.