Qu’est ce que Half Lotus Pose ?

Definition – What does Half Lotus Pose mean?

Half lotus pose is a seated yoga posture that can be used for meditation. Though it is a less challenging variation of (full) lotus pose (padmasana), it opens the hips, ankles and groin.

In this pose, one leg is folded in so that the foot touches the inner thigh of the opposite leg. Then the other leg bends in, the foot lifts up, and is placed on the opposite thigh. The hands may rest on the knees, thighs or lap.

The Sanskrit name for half lotus pose is ardha padmasana.

On explains Half Lotus Pose

Half lotus pose is considered very beneficial for the body because its upright posture strengthens the muscles of the back. This pose is also helpful in improving digestion and stimulating the excretory system. As it improves blood flow and circulation to the pelvic area, it is thought to help relieve menstrual discomfort.

Half lotus is a good pose for meditation and pranayama breathing exercises. It does not strain the body and opens the chest up enough to expand the lungs and deepen the practitioner’s breathing.

Blankets can be folded underneath the sit bones as a modification of this pose, or they can be used to support the knees. As with all yoga postures, the body should never be forced into the fullest expression. Easy seated posture is an alternative for those whose hips do not allow half lotus.

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