Qu’est ce que Chitta Suddhi ?

Definition – What does Chitta Suddhi mean?

In Sanskrit, chitta means ‘consciousness’ and suddhi means ‘purification.’ Chitta suddhi can be interpreted as purity of mind, fundamental for progress on any spiritual path. Chitta is pure, universal consciousness, which becomes clouded or impure by thought and ego.

According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the very purpose of yoga is to still the ‘thought waves of the mind,’ or chitta vritti in Sanskrit. Yoga is, therefore, a practice of chitta suddhi, helping to purify the mind so that pure, universal consciousness can be remembered.

On explains Chitta Suddhi

Pure consciousness, or chitta, is the basis of all creation. Although ego originates from chitta, it creates ripples of thought that cause the mind to become impure. Only when these ripples become still, can pure consciousness be attained. This is the state of chitta suddhi, in which peace, love, joy and truth can be found.

Chitta suddhi can therefore be considered as a kind of self-realization, where ego dissolves and the true-self is remembered as one with universal consciousness. It is a de-conditioning of the ego mind, in order to create union between body, mind, spirit and the divine.

To obtain chitta suddhi, it is important to practice all aspects of yoga, particularly the Eight Limbs as prescribed by Patanjali. A sincere and daily practice will lead to chitta suddhi, so long as there is no attachment to any preconceived ideas of the outcome. Chitta suddhi is indeed a pure and natural outcome of yoga, and as such, it should not be thought of as a goal to be worked towards or achieved in such a way.