Qu’est ce que Chiti Shakti ?

Definition – What does Chiti Shakti mean?

Chiti shakti is the name given in yoga for the “power of consciousness” or, sometimes, “energy of understanding.” In yogic philosophy, the universe is considered to be a play of this chiti shakti because it is the energy that has manifested itself of its own free will into everything in experience.

The term comes from two separate Sanskrit words: chiti, which means “the power of universal consciousness” or, simply, “consciousness”; and shakti, which is the divine feminine energy. Some consider chiti to be God’s creative aspect, luminous and that which creates the whole world. Shakti is often referred to as female because it is associated with the power to create or give birth to all things.

On explains Chiti Shakti

Chiti shakti is consciousness in which energy is not latent, but an inherent part. The energy cannot be separated from consciousness. Instead, consciousness and the energy with which it is enacted are indivisible in the concept of chiti shakti. Some teachings separate the notion of chiti shakti into God and nature, or purusha and prakriti, but others say that the division of this is arbitrary.

Yoga philosophy states that chiti shakti, or awareness which is energy, has the will to know its own power and strength. It is for this reason that the universe is manifest: because chiti shakti has the will to know itself and its power.