Qu’est ce que Chit ?

Definition – What does Chit mean?

Chit (also spelled cit) is a Sanskrit term that means “pure consciousness,” “pure thought,” and “to comprehend.” It also refers to the true nature of the Self. Chit is the foundation for various states of consciousness.

Chit is not only associated with Hinduism, but is also a concept common to various faiths, including Buddhism and Jainism. It is a key component of yoga philosophy.

On explains Chit

Chit is the basis for the phrase sat-chit-ananda, which means means “truth, consciousness, and bliss.” According to Hindu philosophy, sat, chit and ananda are one. Together, they make up Brahman, or Supreme Consciousness and Absolute Reality. An individual attains liberation (moksha) upon realizing that Brahman is all that exists, and that sat-chit-ananda is the purest experience of that Absolute Reality.

A core principle of yoga philosophy, chit is related to perception, intelligence and memory. Yoga practice and meditation helps to stabilize the practitioner’s chit, thereby aiding in perception and intelligence.