Qu’est ce que Buddhi ?

Definition – What does Buddhi mean?

Buddhi is a Sanskrit term derived from the root, budh, which means “to know” or “to be awake.” Therefore, buddhi refers to intellect, wisdom and the power of the mind to understand, analyze, discriminate and decide.

Buddhi yoga helps to develop buddhi and unites the mind with the higher Consciousness. Developing the spiritual mind, refining consciousness and succeeding in merging with primordial Consciousness are the directions of Buddhi yoga.

On explains Buddhi

Buddhi is one of four functions of the mind; the other three being manas, citta and ahamkara. Buddhi helps to make the right choice as it is the inner wisdom.

Buddhi is attracted to Brahman, or Truth. To achieve the state of Brahman, yogic practices for purification of the soul are performed.

Buddhi yoga, also referred to as the yoga of consciousness, promotes self-development and consciousness. It helps to unite the mind with the higher Consciousness, overcome weakness of the mind, and to attain evenness of mind.