Qu’est ce que Brahmavidya ?

Definition – What does Brahmavidya mean?

Brahmavidya is the science of knowledge of the divine, or spiritual knowledge; although, the exact definition can vary, depending on the philosophical tradition. The term comes from the Sanskrit, brahma, meaning “sacred,” “divine” or “holy”; and vidya, meaning “knowledge,” “clarity” or “higher learning.”

In Hinduism, brahmavidya is study of the scriptures that is designed to realize the Absolute or Ultimate Reality. It is also referred to as the science of God or the science of the Self. It is sometimes equated with para vidya (higher knowledge), but some believe it includes both para and apara vidya (lower or book knowledge).

On explains Brahmavidya

Brahmavidya cannot be understood simply by studying or reasoning. It needs discipline like that found in yoga, a sadhana or spiritual discipline focused on the ultimate goal of Self-realization.

In addition to referring to the science of divine knowledge, brahmavidya may also be used to describe the practice of obtaining that knowledge. It is believed that yogis can awakened divine power within with the guidance of brahmavidya through meditation, pranayama and spiritual exercises. As such, brahmavidya promotes physical, mental and spiritual health.

Brahmavidya is also sometimes referred to as Vihangam yoga.