Qu’est ce que Brahma Loka ?

Definition – What does Brahma Loka mean?

In Hinduism and Buddhism, brahma loka is the name of the highest heavenly realm where the gods or celestial spirits live. The term comes from the name of the creator god, Brahman, and the Sanskrit word loka, which means “world,” realm” or “plane of existence.”

The number of heavenly realms and brahma loka’s place among them various by tradition. In Theravada Buddhism, brahma loka consists of 16 lower heavens and four higher realms. In Hinduism, brahma loka is the highest of the heavenly realms.

On explains Brahma Loka

In Hinduism, Sapta Urdhvaloka comprises the seven higher or heavenly realms. The term brahma loka is used to refer to the highest of these abodes, which is also called satya loka. It is known as the realm of brahma, or truth, and is the place where the self achieves moksha, or freedom from the cycle of rebirth. The goal of yoga is to reach brahma loka.

Brahma loka is also the term that refers to the three highest realms collectively:

  • Jana loka – the creative plane and home of mystics who transform from subtle bodies to a spiritual state
  • Tapar loka – the home of the four kumars, or spiritual sons of Brahma, and of immortal ascetics.
  • Satya/brahma loka