Qu’est ce que Brahma Jnana ?

Definition – What does Brahma Jnana mean?

Brahma jnana is knowledge of God or of the spiritual Self. The term comes from the Sanskrit, jnana, meaning “knowledge,” “higher knowledge” or “awareness,” and brahma, which means “relating to Brahman,” “divine,” “the Absolute” or “supreme spirit.” The term is used as a synonym for or to represent enlightenment or Self-realization.This knowledge, or brahma jnana, is the point in the yogi’s spiritual journey when the atman (individual self or soul) is one with the paramatman (higher Self or spiritual Self), Brahman or God.

On explains Brahma Jnana

The path to brahma jnana begins with basic recognition of God or the spiritual Self. This path of knowledge is Jnana yoga. Preventing the yogi from achieving brahma jnana is maya, or the force of illusion that the physical world is reality. It is also the ignorance (ego) that prevents the yogi from seeing the real nature of the Self.Jnana yoga removes the illusion and ignorance, allowing the yogi to realize the nature of the Self and union with the divine or the infinite and eternal universal force.