Qu’est ce que Bodhaka Kapha ?

Definition – What does Bodhaka Kapha mean?

According to Ayurveda, Bodhaka Kapha is one of the five sub-doshas (sub-types) of Kapha dosha. Sub-doshas are responsible for overseeing specific actions, organs or emotions, and relative imbalance in these energetic sub-categories tends to be the root cause of illness, disease and ill-health.

The word Bodhaka means ‘knowledge’, and this sub-dosha is responsible for the subtle intelligence required to identify tastes. Bodhaka Kapha resides primarily in the mouth and tongue, and it is responsible for the sense of taste, speech, swallowing and secretions of saliva. It also regulates oral bacteria, initiates the first stage of digestion and maintains oral temperature.

On explains Bodhaka Kapha

Bodhaka Kapha is the second sub-dosha of Kapha. Although it is located in the mouth, it is also connected to the parietal lobe of the brain, which processes tastes. Bodhaka Kapha, therefore, operates not only on a physical level, but on the level of consciousness and intelligence as well.

Imbalance in Bodhaka Kapha tends to disrupt the entire digestive process, since it is responsible for the initial stage of digestion. Saliva and enzyme production may be reduced, and the perception of taste and the quality of voice can be affected. Licorice helps to increase Bodhaka Kapha by lubricating the throat. Ginger, black pepper and long pepper help to reduce Bodhaka Kapha when it is overactive.

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