Qu’est ce que Bitilasana ?

Definition – What does Bitilasana mean?

Bitilasana is a beginner’s yoga pose. It is a gentle pose that can be performed by most anyone at any level of skill. From Sanskrit, bitila means cow and asana means pose. This pose is generally practiced along with cat pose (marjaryasana).

To perform bitilasana, the practitioner comes down to the hands and knees. The back arches deeply, while the chest pushes outward and the head leans back.

Bitilasana is known as cow pose in English. An alternate name is svanasana (dog tilt pose).

On explains Bitilasana

Bitilasana and marjaryasana are often paired together in cat-cow pose. Marjaryasana is performed on an inhale and bitilasana is performed on the exhale. This can be repeated up to 10 times.

In addition to the physical benefits it offers for the spine and core body, this asana also stimulates the anahata (heart) chakra, promoting love and trust for self and others. It is also the chakra responsible for energy flow and blood circulation.

The mental benefits of practicing bitilasana include:

  • Relaxes the mind
  • Relieves stress
  • Aids in achieving emotional balance
  • Promotes mind-body coordination
  • Sharpens the practitioner’s focus

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