Qu’est ce que Big Toe Pose ?

Definition – What does Big Toe Pose mean?

Big toe pose is a basic yoga inversion that increases flexibility, stimulates internal organs, and helps ease a stressed mind. It is a simple pose that can be used to train and prepare the body for more demanding postures.

In this upright posture, the practitioner bends forward to touch the toes. The feet should be about six inches apart, with the legs straight and the body bent at the hips. If possible, the big toes are gripped with the index and middle fingers.

In Sanskrit, big toe pose is known as padangusthasana.

On explains Big Toe Pose

There are a number of benefits associated with big toe pose. In addition to calming the mind, it strengthens the knees and improves flexibility. As a mild inversion, it encourages blood to flow back to the head and upper body, refreshing the brain.

This posture stimulates vital organs like the liver and kidneys. It can also help improve digestion, and stretches the calves and hamstrings. Big toe pose even relieves headaches and insomnia, and women can practice it to lessen the symptoms of menopause.

Beginners and those with limited flexibility may use a yoga strap until they can reach the toes. More advanced practitioners can rest the forehead on the shins.