Qu’est ce que Bhu ?

Definition – What does Bhu mean?

Bhu is a Sanskrit root word that has many different meanings depending on how it is used. As a verb, bhu is used to indicate an action, a state or an occurrence. The most common meanings of bhu include “to be,” “to be purified” and “to obtain.”

Bhu is often used in mantras during meditation.

On explains Bhu

The grammatical traditions of Sanskrit have been in use since the fifth century B.C.E. and is a complex language due to the extensive use of root words used to make compound words.

When used to make the compound word, bhuta, bhu means “to be ethereal,” which indicates a state of being. However, when used in the word, bhumika, which means both “writing” and “written on” and is used in reference to written scriptures (or sutras), bhu means both the action and the occurrence.