Qu’est ce que Bhojana ?

Definition – What does Bhojana mean?

Bhojana is a Sanskrit word that means “food,” “meal” and “enjoyment.” Even though bhojana is most often associated with eating, it can refer to the enjoyment of food through sensory impressions, such as smell and sight. In the spiritual traditions that originated in India, bhojana plays a key role in worship, life and even medicine.

In the life of a devout Hindu, bhojana is an important part of the daily routine and is considered a divine act in itself. In Hindu worship, food is offered to the deities and then distributed to the faithful at the end of the service. In Ayurveda, dietary regimens based on the seasons are used to prevent illness and dietary changes are prescribed for healing.

On explains Bhojana

In everyday life, Hindus believe that the body and mind are interconnected, so bhojan affects the health of both. Purity of food, therefore, contributes to the purity of the mind. Such pure food is called sattvic.

In addition to ensuring the quality of the food, Hindus are encouraged to limit eating to only the quantity necessary, to choose a clean and peaceful place to eat, and to eat only when hungry at a time that does not interfere with religious practices. Hindu scriptures also suggest facing east or north while eating, observing silence during the meal and showing respect when food is served.

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