Qu’est ce que Archana ?

Definition – What does Archana mean?

Archana is a type of Bhakti yoga (the yoga of love and devotion), which refers to worship through rituals, such as a puja or fire offering. It is one of the nine forms, or limbs, of Bhakti yoga. Archana is also sometimes described as “the worship of God.”

The goal of practicing Archana is the same goal of all Bhakti yoga practices – to experience pure bliss and awakening through devotional surrender and worship of the Divine.

On explains Archana

There are many ways to practice Archana, though the purpose of Bhakti yoga is to purify the heart through surrendering the ego to God. Yogis may choose to worship an image, picture or mental visualization. The image chosen must appeal to the preferences of the yogi. If offerings are made, they do not need to be lavish or expensive. Instead, it is the intention with which they are given that is important.

Yogis of purified intellect may practice a more advanced form of devotional worship which does not use external objects. Instead, they can simply use an internal image, or conjure a strong feeling within themselves.

During the practice of Archana, the important factor is that the mind is focused completely on God, or the Divine, and the qualities of mortality, divinity and bliss, as opposed to earthly matters. Devotion in Bhakti yoga must be motivated by selflessness.

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