Qu’est ce que Brahma Jnana ?

Definition – What does Brahma Jnana mean? Brahma jnana is knowledge of God or of the spiritual Self. The term comes from the Sanskrit, jnana, meaning “knowledge,” “higher knowledge” or [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Brahma ?

Definition – What does Brahma mean? According to Hinduism, Brahma is a god who created the world and everything in the world. He is one of the trinity gods of [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bow Pose ?

Definition – What does Bow Pose mean? Bow pose is a heart-opening yoga pose that stretches the entire front of the body, strengthens the back and abdominal muscles as well [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bodhisattva ?

Definition – What does Bodhisattva mean? Bodhisattva refers to any individual who has attained bodhicitta, or the will to live a life centered on serving others and assisting them in [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bodhicitta ?

Definition – What does Bodhicitta mean? Bodhicitta is a concept within Buddhism that refers to the “enlightened mind,” a state of mind in which an individual desires—above all other things—to [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bodhi ?

Definition – What does Bodhi mean? Bodhi is a Sanskrit term meaning “enlightenment” or “awakening.” It is a Buddhist concept that refers to the understanding of truth, which is possessed [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bodhaka Kapha ?

Definition – What does Bodhaka Kapha mean? According to Ayurveda, Bodhaka Kapha is one of the five sub-doshas (sub-types) of Kapha dosha. Sub-doshas are responsible for overseeing specific actions, organs [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bindu ?

Définition – Que signifie Bindu? Bindu est un terme sanskrit qui signifie «point» ou «point». Dans la philosophie et la religion indiennes, le bindu a plusieurs connotations apparentées, mais est [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bindi ?

Définition – Que signifie Bindi? Un bindi est une marque de protection portée par de nombreux hindous au centre du front. Le mot est dérivé du sanscrit, bindu, qui signifie [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bikram Yoga ?

Définition – Que signifie le Bikram Yoga? Le yoga Bikram porte le nom de son fondateur, Yogiraj Bikram Choudhury, et est pratiqué dans un environnement humide, chauffé entre 95 et [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bija Mantra ?

Definition – What does Bija Mantra mean? A bija mantra (Sanskrit: बीज मन्त्र) is a one-syllable sound used in meditation or yoga practice. The Sanskrit phrase bija mantra directly means, [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bija ?

Definition – What does Bija mean? Bija is a Sanskrit term that literally translates to “seed.” In yoga, this word can be used in a number of ways. Firstly, bija [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhuvar Loka ?

Definition – What does Bhuvar Loka mean? According to Hindu cosmology, the universe is divided into ‘worlds’ or realms known as Loka. Bhuvar Loka is the second main world, said [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhuvana ?

Definition – What does Bhuvana mean? Bhuvana is an ancient Sanskrit word and name that has important meanings in yogic philosophy and Hinduism. It comes from the root word, bhuvan, [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhunamanasana ?

Definition – What does Bhunamanasana mean? Translated from Sanskrit as “greeting the earth,” Bhunamanasana is considered a traditional Hatha yoga posture, also known as the ‘spinal twist prostration pose’. It [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhumi ?

Definition – What does Bhumi mean? Bhumi is the Hindu Earth goddess, and she is the mother of the goddess Sita and the deities Alamelu Mangamma and Sri Padmavathi Devi. [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhujapidasana ?

Definition – What does Bhujapidasana mean? Bhujapidasana is a challenging yoga asana that requires balance, flexibility and strength in the arms, shoulders and wrists to balance on the palms with [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhujangasana ?

Definition – What does Bhujangasana mean? Bhujangasana is a gentle backbend practiced from a face-down position that warms and strengthens the spine while opening the chest. The term comes from [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhujanga Nag ?

Definition – What does Bhujanga Nag mean? Bhujanga Nag is the Hindu snake god. From Sanskrit, both bhujanga and nag translate as “snake” or “serpent.” The term used depends on [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhujanga ?

Definition – What does Bhujanga mean? Bhujanga is a Sanskrit word that means “snake,” “serpent” or “cobra.” Hindu mythology is filled with stories about the symbolism and worship of snakes. [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhuja ?

Definition – What does Bhuja mean? Bhuja is a Sanskrit term meaning “arm” or “shoulder.” In Buddhism and Hinduism, bhuja is part of the name that refers to a deity [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhu Loka ?

Definition – What does Bhu Loka mean? According to Hindu cosmology, the universe is divided into multiple Loka or ‘worlds.’ Bhu Loka refers to the physical world of gross matter, [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhu ?

Definition – What does Bhu mean? Bhu is a Sanskrit root word that has many different meanings depending on how it is used. As a verb, bhu is used to [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhokta ?

Definition – What does Bhokta mean? Bhokta is a Sanskrit term used to describe a type of consciousness, mind state or awareness in yogic philosophy. In the Samkhya school of [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhojana ?

Definition – What does Bhojana mean? Bhojana is a Sanskrit word that means “food,” “meal” and “enjoyment.” Even though bhojana is most often associated with eating, it can refer to [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhoga ?

Definition – What does Bhoga mean? Bhoga is a Sanskrit word that means “indulgence,” “enjoyment,” “consumption,” “experience” and “sensual pleasure.” In yogic philosophy, bhoga is a term used in several [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhishma ?

Definition – What does Bhishma mean? Bhishma is the name of a mighty warrior character in the “Mahabharata,” the epic ancient Indian text which has close connections to the roots [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bhekasana ?

Definition – What does Bhekasana mean? Bhekasana is an advanced backbending asana that requires lots of flexibility. The asana is similar to dhanurasana in that the yogi lies on the [ … ]

Qu’est ce que Bheda ?

Definition – What does Bheda mean? Bheda is a Sanskrit word meaning “difference.” It shows up in several different concepts in Indian philosophy. In Hinduism, adhikari-bheda refers to the difference [ … ]